Construction Industry: The Hercules of the Modern World

Man has been quite a constructive worker since the inception of life. Since shelter is one of the primary requirements of survival, thus, man has been experimenting and improving on the concept and construction of shelter since times immemorial. And in the process, man has emerged to be a constructive artist in himself.The wonders of art and architecture are spread all over the world. While we marvel at their craftsmanship, there is no denying that a lot goes into constructing the basic infrastructure of buildings and any other piece of construction. With time, the requirements of man and the society have evolved. Certain changes that shook the world have also, inadvertently, resulted in socio-political changes which in turn have acted as the fodder for a new kind of society and inspired a new kind of lifestyle.The international socio-political changes coupled with the world economy have now ushered in an age of prosperity for the humans. As a result of better facilities, the world population has got an incentive to grow. With the ever expanding human population and civilization, the need for urbanization has also increased in leaps and bound. Urbanization translates into construction of more and more buildings for residence, offices, health care facilities, media houses, factories and industries and what not! Therefore, the booming speed of urbanization has a great impact on the construction industry.Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology, new techniques and methods are coming into existence. These advanced techniques and new developments in the construction industry are revolutionizing the world of construction. New methods are being employed to make the structures appear not only beautiful and good to look at but also sturdy and resistant to factors of a natural calamity. Such precision and development is taking years of research and labour but is in turn is proving to be very beneficial.One must realize that the twenty first century civilization stands, survives and thrives on cityscapes. It is, therefore, very essential to ensure the safety of all those who work in the gigantic buildings of various political, economical and technical importance and function. The pillars that form the grassroots of the modern economy must be strong enough to carry its burden and sustain it despite facing denuding factors of ever changing weather patterns and other natural threats. So, the construction industry plays the role of a modern day Hercules in guaranteeing all our safety.