Time, Price, Or Convenience? Choose an Auto Transport Company That Offers All Three

Cars are made for driving, so why would you pay to ship one somewhere?There are as many reasons to use an auto transport company as there are vehicles to be shipped. Maybe you bought your dream car on eBay – but you’re in South Carolina and the car is in San Francisco. Perhaps you landed your dream job in San Francisco, but your car is parked at your parents’ house in Nashville. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to spend on a cross-country drive.An auto transport company is a great solution in these – and many other situations.Choose carefully when you’re selecting a car shipping company. Some offer just one shipping option: take it or leave it. That type of “one size fits all” strategy is easier for the company, but certainly doesn’t benefit most customers.Evaluate Pickup and Delivery OptionsMost auto transport customers have three major concerns: price, pickup/delivery date, and vehicle safety. Also consider the flexibility of options offered to you – as well as your own flexibility with timing and location. Ideally, you should be able to pick and choose between options and create a custom package that fits your needs – and your budget!These three options are common throughout the auto transport industry:1. Door-to-door Service: The vehicle is picked up at your home or office and delivered directly to your door at the destination point.Depending on your neighborhood and street layout, this option isn’t always available. The auto transport company may ask to meet you at a local mall, large retail store, or other location with a parking lot large enough to accommodate the transport truck.2. Date-specific Pickup and/or Delivery: The vehicle is picked up and/or delivered on a specific day or 1-2 day window.If you have time constraints, it’s often best to work with an auto transport carrier with its own fleet of trucks or one who contracts with dedicated shippers. An auto transport broker arranges shipments and acts as the agent between customers and shippers. Brokers often can’t guarantee dates unless the auto shipper they contract with is willing to do so.3. Same-Truck Shipping: The auto transport company may have its own definition for this term. It sounds as though they load your car on a truck where it sits snugly in place until delivery. Since each load/unload has the slight possibility of damaging the vehicle, this sounds like the safest shipping option.It’s not that easy though. Car shippers may make several pickups and deliveries between the time when your car is loaded and the day it’s delivered. Your car may travel on the same truck, but could be loaded and unloaded several times as the driver balances the load, adds vehicles, or delivers them.A high-volume auto transport company is more likely to be able to consolidate shipments to minimize loads and unloads. During extremely busy shipping times, it’s often possible for them to load a truck and drive straight through to the destination. That allows all cars to stay in one place for the entire trip.During slower periods, larger companies still work to minimize load and unloads. For instance, instead of driving directly from New York to Los Angeles, the truck may make one stop in Chicago instead of 3-4 additional stops along the way.Flexibility Is Important When You’re On A Budget
You may be surprised at how much you can save on shipping costs if you can be flexible about pickup and delivery dates. If timing isn’t critical to your vehicle shipment, ask the auto transport company about budget car shipping options.For instance, at DAS Auto Shippers, we offer a both a “Flexible Pickup and Delivery” option and a “Budget Pickup & Delivery” option. With the “Flexible” option, customers receive a window of days during which their vehicle will be picked up and delivered. The “Budget” option offers a “bare bones” move for budget conscious customers who are able to drop off their vehicle and pick it up at one of our 100 Shipping Centers around the country. Other auto transport companies may offer similar programs: ask when you call.It’s important to know exactly what sort of service you’re buying, so do your homework before selecting a car shipping company. A little research before the move can save you a lot of worry and headaches during and after the move. At a minimum, you need to know the price, dates involved, estimated transport time, pickup and delivery specifications, and method of transport.Once you find the right package with a reliable auto transport company, you can relax and let someone else do the driving.”At Your Service” Options Let Customers Choose
DAS Auto Shippers recently implemented a program that allows customers to customize their auto transport experience. We offer three options:o Date Specific Pickup & Delivery: We dispatch a local pickup from one of our shipping centers to meet your specific pickup or delivery date.o Flexible Pickup & Delivery: We give you a window of says for pickup and delivery. This is a good option for customers on a budget who are flexible about timing.o Budget Pickup & Delivery: This is a “bare bones” move for budget customers. You can pickup/deliver your car at one of our 100 Shipping Centers.We works to help customers stay within their budget; yet ship their vehicle with confidence. DAS Auto Shippers’ fleet of 150 trucks and 96 terminals nationwide allows us to track your car’s progress and safeguard the security of your vehicle.It’s important to know exactly what sort of service you’re buying, so do your homework before selecting a car shipping company. A little research before the move can save you a lot of worry and headaches during and after the move. At a minimum, you need to know the price, dates involved, estimated transport time, pickup and delivery specifications, and method of transport.Choose the option that’s right for you, and let us do the driving for you.

Pinterest Business Tips: 8 Easy Steps to Dominating Your Niche on Pinterest

Pinterest for Business?You’re about get some great Pinterest Business Tips. More than that, you’re about to learn of some unique qualities of Pinterest. These qualities have created an amazing environment which supports and strengthens small businesses. They’ve made Pinterest the fastest growing global social network to date. How can a group of image collections help your business? You’re about to understand how this works. If you truly grasp the power available to you, you’ll want to gain a foothold in your niche… by using Pinterest and these 8 steps to begin!Why Pinterest?This is a fair question. It’s one that needs to be asked in order to grasp a full appreciation of Pinterest. A recent study provided by 3M Corporation showed that humans process visuals 66% faster than text. Ever heard the term “eye candy?” Pinterest tempts us with eye candy. Beautiful visuals of a life we want. Pictures of glamorous, clever, humorous, or simple products or services to improve our life grabs us and sucks us in. The proof is in the stats.The traffic flow from social media sites to online store fronts has changed just over the last year. In a study of a fashion website, researchers looked at where traffic came from. They looked at how much sales volume was generated from each site, as well. The analytics showed that the average amount of traffic generated from Facebook visitors to this website produced $85 in consumer spending. Care to take a guess at the average spending amounts from Pinterest users? It was $180!!Prior to last year, Facebook was thought to be “the” site to promote your business. However, from 09/2011 until 02/2012, Pinterest number of unique users grew by 866%. People are attracted to more visual websites, like a moth to a flame. The more we understand about the way humans process information and how it effects spending habits, the more businesses will see the value in Pinterest. To think, Pinterest was the fastest growing site to ever break past 10 million users. Advertisers are beginning to take this site for “killing time” a bit more seriously.What does a typical US Pinterest user look like? About 86% are women. That’s enough to make entrepreneurs’ pulses race. The one’s who get REALLY excited already know women have input to how 85% of American dollars are spent. Also, somewhere between 70-75% of users have a college education. Generally, the greater one’s education, the more stable the income, and higher amount of discretionary income available. Half of US Pinterest users had an annual income greater than $50k. More than half of Pinterest users have children. Most live in a Midwestern state. There. Most users of this site fit this woman. Now what?Here’s what you’ve been waiting to hear: 88% of users who pinned something on Pinterest purchased an item they pinned. Also, 49% of users purchased 5 or more products they pinned or repinned.Obviously, “she” takes her pinning seriously. She doesn’t just like what she sees. She BUYS what she likes. Retailers like The Gap saw the potential early on. The Gap takes beautiful pics of women wearing clothes and places them on their Pinterest Board. It strikes a cord with a viewer. She likes what she sees. She pins it. She moves over to The Gap website. She buys. Take a look at The Gap’s Pinterest page and see how traffic is being driven toward HUGE profits.Pinterest Business Tips: 8 Easy Steps to Dominating Your Niche on Pinterest1.) Start a Pinterest Business Account. A business can have a virtual storefront. Images of hot, trending products will make people salivate. Pinterest has a way for businesses to even include the product price for the item pinned. It’s not difficult to begin setting up your site.2.) PLAN your layout. Your pages are called Boards. On each board are the pins/visuals. Think about how to organize your business on these boards. There’s not much more frustrating than disorganization in a store, or a virtual storefront!3.) Create a board and begin pinning. Pinterest has made it easier to move pins around from one board to another if you don’t like the placement. (This takes away all reason for your boards being disorganized!)4.) Share pins on Facebook and Twitter. Leverage your entire social network!5.) Optimize your Pinterest site with SEO as you are able.6.) Add a “pin it” button to your website.7.) Use high quality pins. Do your research on photos which are more appealing. Wearable product sell better when displayed on a person rather than just on a surface. Use smiling models. Often, generic photos which don’t include a face, however, allows the “buyer” to see herself with the product. Books have been written and updated on the psychology of sales. It’s a worthy investment of time to research this.8.) Use visual calls to action. If you’re selling swimming pools, pin images of not only the installation process, but families enjoying the pool on a summer afternoon. You are NOT selling a container that holds water. You ARE selling family enjoyment, family bonding, and a social outlet that includes friends. Don’t overlook the imagery that sells.You’re a Service Provider Rather Than Product Provider?You’re wondering, “How do I use Pinterest to sell a service?” Well, it works about the same way. This is the best Pinterest Business Tip to remember: It’s all about driving traffic. Where? Back to “home base.”Here’s a couple examples. Let’s take a look at the Pinterest page of Denver’s Rocky Mountain Vitality Massage. Massage is one of those things many enjoy but are also particular about. This is a thoughtful, simple Pinterest board. This Pinterest board was also chosen because every business has challenges to overcome. The legitimate spa and massage industry is no different. Through the proper use of visuals, these challenges can instead become advantages.Here’s the good about their page: It allows potential customers know what to expect. They demonstrate the storefront from the outside and the inside. It shows a clean place. The visuals supply a relaxing feeling.As a business tool, though, they could do so much more. In fact, they are missing out on a bit of traffic. There’s not a limit on the pins. Keeping it simple is a good strategy but, just a few more photos of the rooms would have brought reassurance to viewers. Some simple staging techniques to highlight the environment would have gone a long way. Showing a customer draped or semi-clothed while relaxing, awaiting a massage might have attracted more customers. It would draw people in who have varying comfort levels. Also, using a Pinterest Infographic sharing all the services they provide would have been helpful.Traffic Generator: They might have even pinned a promotion or coupon to generate traffic. It might have been created to drive the traffic of their friends and friends’ friends. For example, you can ask 6 friends do two things for you and your business: “1.) As your friends to “follow” you on Pinterest, 2.) then ask them to go to your webpage to get your monthly newsletter. When your friends do both of these steps, then you’ll get a 1/2 off coupon for …X!” You get the idea.Finally, this Pinterest page is not optimized so Pinterest- AND Google-users can find their visuals. As a suggestion, at the very least, including a URL on each of your posts to encourage traffic back to your website.Another example of a service:┬áPinterest Board. Keywords should be included on the board and on each pin. How else will a board or pins be found? Think about the words people will use to find you and include them in your pins. Include URL links in all of your pins. Have about 200 characters of text with each pin. That typically gains the most numbers of repins. Finally, T-A-L-L images are more likely to be repinned. That’s about it.There is so much to learn. It can be overwhelming. Is it worth wading through this social media site to find a way to use it? ABSOLUTELY! Remember, start small, with just one Board and a few pins. Soon, you’ll wonder how your business survived without Pinterest!

The Workings of an Industrial Dehumidifier

The country’s progress, to a great extent, can be measured by the industrial technology it possesses. The success of an industry is directly proportional to the level of advancements in fields such as science and technology. One such great technology is the Industrial dehumidifier which is very common in places like commercial buildings, warehouses, plants in the industries which aim to control the humidity in the temperature. Industrial dehumidification is crucial to protect the equipment and merchandise in the industrial area.Due to the lack of HVAC systems and poor insulation accompanied by large cargo doors, one can be subjected to high levels of humidity which can only be regulated by Industrial dehumidification. Only increasing the temperatures indoor can not amend the problem for the long term, which can then turn out to be expensive and energy intensive. It helps protect the merchandise from mildew and moulds which can cause allergies and ailments when there is a lot of humidity present and can be the cause of the outrageous damages. Dehumidification comprises of many applications that ensure the delivering of long life solutions to the equipments and increases level of productivity.The Industrial dehumidifier can be operated even in low temperatures and it envelopes areas having extensive footage too. It is important that you look for one industrial dehumidifier after ensuring it has continuous drainage and functions which are self-regulating. The best one you pick should serve your needs conveniently. The one you buy entirely depends on which location you reside in and your needs There are many benefits in controlling the moisture and humidity where the temperature is hot and humid. Dehumidifiers can control extreme conditions by taking in all the moisture present in the air. They can be utilized in many settings like:* Emergencies -Aftermath of disasters* Construction industries – Removes excess of moisture* Takes charge in stable environments where the right level of moisture is needed.* Also helps in domestic purposes to remove dampness at home.The working of an industrial dehumidifier can be described as the most diligent means of reducing excess humidity. The air is first sucked through a dehumidifier fan and waits till it cools down. It works to condense excessive moisture from the cool surface. Next, the condensed air collects in a water collection container which is easily removable. As soon as it gets filled, there is a sudden activation which takes place in micro-switch. Thus, this way the operations of a dehumidifier ends.